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Buffalo, New York is officially making a comeback, and everyone is talking about it. The city’s resurgence has landed this particular Rust Belt city on list after list, including 52 Places to Go in 2018 by The New York Times. If you’re planning a move to Buffalo, here’s what you need to know.


M&T Bank poured nearly $58 million into its tech hub at Seneca One tower. Now the bank is looking ahead to filling up the sleek office space with employees, and supporting tech sector growth in the Buffalo Niagara region as a whole.



“Our City. Our Waterfront.”

43 North, the world’s largest business idea competition, has released an awesome new video chronicling the amazing history of Buffalo NY. The video titled “Next Things Now: Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Buffalo

The story of Buffalo, New York’s world class urban design and how today’s generation is rediscovering and restoring ‘America’s Best Designed City.

Where you live is as important as how you spend your time—and in Buffalo Niagara, you’ll find a special place to call home.

“That’s the thing about Buffalo – there are (at least) two ways of looking at it. The half-empties will see the rust and the scratches and think it’s game over. My week and some change in the Queen City led me to a different perspective, though. I see Buffalo as a place where, if you’re willing to un-tuck your shirt and get really dirty, you can get it done. And by “it,” I mean that idea that has always been in the back of your head – a restored home, a better block, your own artwork, a new business…”

Discover gorgeous landscapes, a world-class art museum and some of America’s greatest architecture. Yes, this is Buffalo. For Real. Presented by Visit Buffalo Niagara and Paget Films.

“Like Pittsburgh, however, Buffalo may have found its sweet spot as a smaller metro area. Buffalo’s universities and burgeoning tech, tourism and health care industries help keep its median age below the national average at 34, but other factors are making it a much sweeter place to stay. Folks who decide to make Buffalo their home enjoy a cost of living 14.4% below the national average and home prices also below what their neighbors throughout the rest of the country are paying.”

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