Law Enforcement Strategic Guidance Unit – Field Advisor
Western NY – Workstation Erie Crime Analysis Center, Buffalo NY

Buffalo, NY, USA

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The Law Enforcement Strategic Guidance Unit provides hands-on strategic advising to New York State law enforcement agencies focusing on evidence-based policing practices, community trust building and the implementation of reform and reinvention collaboratives. The Field Advisor is responsible for providing this strategic advising to law enforcement jurisdictions, guiding them in implementing the core elements of identified strategies effectively, and working with them to innovate in pursuit of effective violence reduction and public safety outcomes.
• Provide direct day-to-day strategic advising to partner law enforcement agencies in the implementation of the evidence based policing practices through regular strategic advising calls, semi-regular site visits, training sessions, and ongoing online communication.

• Design portfolio-specific collaborative learning opportunities, taking into consideration local culture, legislation, and priorities, to foster peer learning partnerships across agencies.

• Continuously review operational data to achieve desired public safety outcomes by incorporating the best available evidence.

• Build and manage strong, functional relationships with high-level government, community and law enforcement leaders; partner organizations; and academics.

• Build the technical capacity of local stakeholders to implement, measure, and sustain strategies.

• Design and execute collaborative learning opportunities, including peer exchanges and working sessions, to further strategy implementation in the law enforcement community.

• Report outcomes, challenges, and innovation opportunities to program manager and participate in ongoing development and refinement of the evidence-based practices.

• Collaborate and coordinate within DCJS across units for extended learning within the office and future projects for partnership.

Preferred Qualifications
A bachelor’s degree or higher AND two years of qualifying experience*; OR an associate’s degree in criminal justice, public justice, police science, or law enforcement AND four years of qualifying experience;* OR 60 semester credit hours, including or supplemented by 12 semester credit hours in criminal justice, public justice, police science, or law enforcement AND four years of qualifying experience*.

*Qualifying experience is defined as: Local, state, or federal experience as a police officer, probation officer, parole officer, correction officer, or military police officer in any branch of the armed forces. Military police officer candidates must have received an honorable discharge. All qualifying experience must have been gained after basic/recruit training. Time served for basic/recruit training will NOT count towards the qualifying experience.

Telecommuting allowed. Travel 50%, mostly day trips

Post Closes August 5, 2022