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Azure Cloud Architect


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About the Role

• Design, document, implement and maintain solutions on M365 and Azure Platforms including IaaS, PaaS and Saas offerings.
• Strong understanding of features and capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud Platform (Security, Firewalls, RedisCache, Key Vault, Service Bus, ASR, Networking, OMS, Blob Storage, Resource Groups, NSG, Application Insights, SQL Server, Sql DB, Load-Balancers & Azure HCI).
• Drive architecture and technical discussion to lead cloud security, privacy, and compliance decisions scale, performance, agility, HA/DR considerations.
• Provide Level 3 support.
• Develop and manage a security risk management program to identify, assess, and manage risks, including effective data-driven reporting and tracking of risk reduction activities.
• Lead annual reviews, updates, and Tabletop tests for business continuity plans to reflect changes and ensure continuing effectiveness, including BCP/DRP, BIA, CMP, ERP, and Incident Response.
• Cloud Architecture, Delivery, and Maintenance
• Maintain a broad understanding of the entire software landscape within the company.
• Designs based on Well Architected Framework.
• Provide oversight and monitoring of IMS Vendors.
• Ability to upskill and evangelize newer cloud offerings from cost and automation Point of View.
• AWS a+

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